Toad from Trikala, Greece is a Turntablist and Producer.

Member of Aerialz Recordz and No Limit Styles The Crew. -Host of Smooth Beats (a live perform and video production in Trikala) powered by Smooth TV. Started Djing in 2009 and Music Production in 2010. He Graduate Economics and MBA(Master of Business Administration) in Democritus University of Thrace at Komotini. Has collaborations in tracks with artists like BloodyHawk, Nimbus D, Moris, Musthrios Tupos(Μυστήριος Τύπος), Dixws Aitia(Δίχως Αιτία), RNM, Tsipos(Τσίπος), Acodice and others. All these years he has perform at live concerts as a Turntablist with local bands from Trikala and Komotini. In 2016 he performed back to back with Vevilos(Βέβηλος) at his live concert in Komotini. He has participate in two albums of and produced music for the short films of the movie director Giannis Tsakmakidis

Occupation: DJ, Beatmaker
Hometown: Trikala
Area: Thessaly
First appearance: 2009
Other names:
Real name: Apostolos Giannis
Born date: 1992
Styles: Boom Bap

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